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Service 服务

· 24小时专业护士和保姆轮流照料。

· 完善的消毒设施,定期进行全面消毒,打造


· 产后护理和育儿课程教学。

· 免费一次产后恢复按摩。

· 资深和专业护理人员照料。

· 提供妈妈长达28天的草药沐浴,有效抵御风


· 提供小月子服务。

· 爸爸免费住宿,陪同坐月子*。



· 24 hours caring system, professional nurses and nannies    are on hand 24 hours a day.

· Complete set of equipment to maintain the cleanliness

  and quality of the environment.

· Postnatal and parenting courses.

· Complimentary postnatal massage (1 session).

· Care is taken by professional nurses and nannies with

  years' experience.

· 28 days healthy traditional post-natal medicated baths.

· Complimentary accommodation for father*.

* Services may vary depends on the package

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